Pedometer Reviews and Buying Guide

Start Here BEFORE Reading the Reviews

Reviews are a valuable resource when making any purchase and pedometers are no exception. Honest customer reviews can offer insight into a product that you won't find anywhere else. Pedometer reviews can reveal the true pros and cons of a potential purchase, going far beyond the information you are given by the manufacturer. However, reading reviews should not be the beginning of your decision making process unless you plan on dedicating a great deal of unnecessary time to your quest. You should first think about what you want in a pedometer so you don't waste your time reading thousands of reviews for models that won't meet your needs. Below you will find a few guidelines and ideas to help you narrow your search.

After you have determined what your needs are, click on the categories to the right. We have listed the pedometers by both brand and price. You will find an overview of each model so you can see, at a glance, if a particular one might be right for you. We also provide an overview of all of the reviews and a rating. This way you will have a better idea of what to expect from a specific model before reading all the individual reviews. This will save you time; you will likely only need to thoroughly read individual customer reviews for a few models before making your final decision.

Where The Pedometer Needs To Be

Think about how you would normally be dressed when using your new pedometer. Most models have restrictions as to how they may be worn. Some must be worn on the hip, others may be carried in a bag. Some may be held horizontally or vertically, while most are only accurate one way. For your convenience, we have listed this information on the overview of each model so you don't waste time reading reviews for a pocket unit when you need one for your purse. Watch pedometers are another option; these types are worn on your wrist, which eliminates the need for pockets or bags while walking.

Size and Comfort

Most pedometers are worn somewhere on your body. You must make sure you are comfortable with the size of the unit you are purchasing. You won't be as likely to use it if it is too large to be comfortable. Likewise, if your eyesight is less than stellar and you buy a model with a very small readout, you may run into problems.


Think about how how you want to track your steps. Some pedometers come with software to help you save all your information on your computer. Others simply keep track of the steps and leave it up to you to record the information, if desired. Some models keep a seven day log, while others don't. Spend some time now deciding what you want in a step tracking system.

Other Stats

Do you simply want to track your steps taken? Or would you also be interested in distance traveled and calories burned? Are you interested in the amount of aerobic activity you get each day? Many pedometers today track more than just steps. We have listed what each model tracks in the product overviews so you will know, at a glance, what each pedometer is capable of.

Battery Life

Most pedometer manufacturers will provide you with an estimated battery life. Many of the cheaper models lose their appeal once you know you will be replacing the battery often. Make sure you factor that information into your price comparisons.


Reliability is an important consideration when making any purchase, and pedometers are no exception. The best way to gauge reliability is through honest customer reviews. A good warranty can also give you peace of mind.

Read the Reviews and Get Walking

Use the pedometer reviews to help you make your decision. Once you have chosen one, get walking! Need some help in the inspiration department or just advice on how to achieve your goals through walking? Check out the books to your left. They are a great start to your new healthy life. Thanks for visiting, we hope we have helped you find the right tools for a healthy lifestyle!